YouTube Causes Poor Life Choices: Drunk Edition

Joline Zepcevski SciTech Leave a Comment

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that media exposure to alcohol increases the likelihood of indulging in alcohol. The point of advertising is that people are more likely to purchase the product, not just in the specific sense of that brand, but in the more generic sense. That’s the rationale behind banning the advertising of cigarettes – a ban that …

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Get Your Holiday Guests Drunk Quicker With Curved Glasses

S. W. Kish SciTech Leave a Comment

The holiday season is upon us. A time to visit with family and friends, eat, share stories, decorate, and of course, drink. Let’s be honest. Alcohol consumption is fun. But with every intoxicated euphoric high comes the devastating realistic low. Medical professionals cite that 4% of the global burden of disease can be attributed to alcohol abuse. Researchers have examined …

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Man Goes to Courthouse to Defend DUI Charge. Drunk.

Doug Stephan Lawyer, News & Views 2 Comments

An Indiana man showed up to dispute a drunken-driving charge while intoxicated. Michael D. Schroyer, 48, allegedly was stumbling in the courthouse when officers asked if he had been drinking. Schroyer responded, “Hell, yeah. I drink every day.” The Ellsworth man then struggled with officers as they attempted to take his car keys before he could leave the parking lot. During …

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