The Underage Drinking And Driving Scholarship: Finally, A Scholarship You Can Win

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Did you have a particularly misspent youth? Were you intimately familiar with the undersides of tables thanks to all the times you passed out on the floor underneath them? Did you think nothing of climbing in the car after you’d tossed back…and tossed up… a 12-pack of Natty Light? Did you round off this series of poor life choices by …

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Man Goes to Courthouse to Defend DUI Charge. Drunk.

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An Indiana man showed up to dispute a drunken-driving charge while intoxicated. Michael D. Schroyer, 48, allegedly was stumbling in the courthouse when officers asked if he had been drinking. Schroyer responded, “Hell, yeah. I drink every day.” The Ellsworth man then struggled with officers as they attempted to take his car keys before he could leave the parking lot. During …

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