No Experience Offered

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As legal employers increasingly fault law schools for failing to prepare their students for the actual practice of law, law schools have responded with an increasing array of student requirements that appear relevant without actually requiring the law school to provide any of that pesky practical experience that most professors don’t actually have.  For example, when law firms complain that …

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Job Searching . . . On Craigslist

Han Bitter Solo Columns, Lawyer 1 Comment

When you are job searching there is a “no stone unturned” mentality in finding a hopeful employer to send your “based on a true story” résumé and completely bullshit cover letter. One location that I never thought would work but actually has had some results is Craigslist. Yes the same website where you can buy used Ikea furniture can also …

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Please Stop Asking About My "Plan"

Not an Elle Columns, Lawyer, Not an Elle 10 Comments

The farther I get into law school, the harder it gets to avoid the reality that, at some point, my education will end. And at that point the real world will begin. The real world will of course include bar prep, the bar exam, and some type of employment: unemployment, funemployment, part-time employment, under-employment, non-legal employment, or the elusive and …

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Bitter Brief 18: Glitter Bombing, Fugly Rights, and the Mother of All Lawsuits

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[powerpress] This week on The Bitter Brief, Kimber and Mark wax philosophical on South Korean labor contracts and take ridiculous plaintiffs to task in the mother of all lawsuits. We debate the legality of some fabulous protest, and our discussion on employment discrimination gets ugly. Click here to subscribe to The Bitter Brief on iTunes!

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The Exit Interview Fallacy: Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts

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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already made the gravest error an educated person can possibly make in his or her lifetime, i.e. law school. Everything about that decision virtually guarantees a life of inescapable misery. It’s like walking into a Vegas casino with your life savings (most of it borrowed) and wagering it all at Casino …

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