I’m Interested in Entertainment Law

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How do I get into entertainment law? Everyone wants to “go Hollywood.” The glitz and glitter of representing movies stars and A-list directors is too damn tempting, isn’t it?  Not to mention the 5% commission entertainment attorneys charge, which means there’s no such thing as billable hours!  Too good be true, huh?  It is. It’s the best legal gig in …

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Carlos Goodman, Entertainment Attorney

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Title and Employer? Partner in Bloom, Hergott, Diemer, Rosenthal, LaViolette & Feldman, LLP, an entertainment firm in Beverly Hills that specializes in motion pictures and television. So what does a hotshot entertainment lawyer really do? Complain about “the business” while eating lunch at a fancy Hollywood restaurant. When not busy doing that, an entertainment lawyer is primarily involved with making …

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