Jogging: What Doesn’t Kill You Might Make You Stronger. Or Just Kill You.

With most things, we understand the value of moderation. Light drinking makes you healthier; heavy drinking will make you less healthy. Calcium may give you strong bones, but you don’t want so much that you give yourself kidney stones.  Even too much kale has risks. But…exercise? Jogging. Surely there can’t possibly be such a thing as…


Novel Approaches To Exercise

This year I’m going to get in shape, you told yourself. The mistake you made – that you keep making – is that you’re trying to make yourself jog, or ride a stationary bike, or do the same old boring and unpleasant sorts of exercise that you quit every damn time. Wouldn’t one of these…


Plaintiff: Weird Old Tip to Lose Belly Fat Made Me Fatter

James Macungie recently filed a lawsuit against Google. Mr. Macungie alleges that their contextual ad, promising one weird old tip to lose belly fat, did not work as advertised. The tip, according to documents filed in the Norther District of South Dakota, was to drink two glasses of water before every meal. After years of…