Let’s Sentence The ‘Lawyer Memes’ Facebook Page To Death

Stefan BC Lawyer 2 Comments

This is probably not a surprise to you (reader of a snarky law blog) but lawyer jokes are universally beloved, especially by lawyers. In Clown College, lawyer jokes are taught on the first day. The original script of Blade Runner used lawyer jokes during the Voight-Kampff test. Even notable hater Tony Scalia can tell some damned good lawyer jokes. Given the …

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Facebook Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

Joline Zepcevski SciTech 1 Comment

Freakin’ Facebook. I know, I know: it perpetuates drama, makes our relationships shallow and impersonal, and wastes your valuable time showing you images of your best friend’s second cousin once removed’s new baby, but did you know that Facebook literally knows you better than you know yourself? A joint study coming out of the combined smartness of the University of …

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