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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Thank You, Sir, May I Have Another?

Ali Davis Critic 1 Comment

OK, I’ll admit it: I watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the first time last year and I was not properly braced and it might have made me go into something like a panicked fugue state. Well, it’s not happening this year. I know what I’m up against. I’m ready to find the empowerment and the joy. And lots …

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Bitter Style, Recessionista Fashion

Bitter Staff Columns, Lawyer

Even if we’re not exactly poor right now, we’re all acting that way.  If we’re not crabbing about the sad state of the legal profession, we’re bitching about the cost of living.  But, like rust, the demand to look presentable in a business environment never sleeps.  Whether it’s the day-to-day of associate life or the big interview, threads matter. Loehmann’s …

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Erin Andrews, Esq.

Law Firm 10 Columns, Law Firm 10, Lawyer 50 Comments

Why is it that female lawyers feel the need to dress like asexual, feminist monks?  Seriously, what are we so afraid of, ladies?  Having men think we’re actually women? Erin Andrews (and the masturbatory outbursts she provokes in 8.5 out of 10 heterosexual male sports fans) is perhaps the best example of the unique power a (reasonably) stylish, non-overweight, attractive …

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