‘Betrayed,’ Lisa Scottoline’s Newest, Is Timely Yet Classic

Anniken Davenport Featured Lawyer, Lawyer Leave a Comment

Timing is everything. At the heart of Betrayed, the latest offering in the Rosato & Associates legal thriller series is the plight of the undocumented immigrant. With limited amnesty looming, Scottoline’s latest offering may benefit from growing awareness of the millions working in the shadows with few legal protections and the constant threat of deportation. Judy Carrier, an associate in …

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Everyone Is Quitting Law Except Anti-Social Babies And Jerks

Bitter Lawyer Columns, Featured Lawyer, Lawyer 3 Comments

There’s a big new white paper dealio out that is the result of an online assessment where some poor folks decided to interview 973 practicing attorneys, 95 nonpracticing attorneys, 225 law students and 139 people who weren’t lawyers about why everyone is fleeing our profession in droves and who those lucky souls are. We are not going to read the …

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Pop Torts: Frank Sivero Versus The Simpsons

Stefan BC Featured Lawyer, Lawyer, Pop Torts 3 Comments

As you might have heard Frank Sivero, who is most remembered for his iconic role as a frozen corpse in Goodfellas, is suing the creators of the Simpsons. Sivero’s cause of action is based off of the supposed theft of his one-dimensional stereotype in the 1990 Scorsese classic, which Matt Groening et al turned it into a one-dimensional cartoon character …

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Five Absurd Mugshots, Just In Time For Halloween

Joline Zepcevski Columns, Featured Lawyer, Lawyer 2 Comments

Ahhh, the sweet smell of schadenfreude. Let’s face it, we’ve probably all worn a stupid costume or two in our time, but yours probably wasn’t immortalized in a mugshot. (Yes, yes, fine, we did originally write this for Halloween, but c’mon – it’s funny all year around.) 1.This fairy may have wished those wings were real. Although, to be fair, this …

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