Five Song Parodies Just For Lawyers

Bitter Staff Bitter by Numbers, Columns, Lawyer, Video 3 Comments

Just kidding. It’s six. But who’s counting? Not lawyers. That’s why you go to law school right? No math classes.  Anywho, we here at Bitter Lawyer love us some song parodies. And this week we countdown six of the best from around the web… or at least YouTube. 1. Overwhelmed at law school? This one’s for you: “Law School” (Payphone – …

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How Does Porn Work? A Primer from the PA Attorney General’s Office

Anniken Davenport General, Lawyer 1 Comment

You are a high-ranking attorney or investigator in the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. You are involved in a child sexual abuse investigation that leads to the resignation of legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and criminal charges against assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. You begin receiving pornographic emails on your state issued computer in your state email account. You: …

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Texas Law Hawk: A Lawyer You Can Trust

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He is a man with a vision. An unhinged, insane vision for protecting your rights Texas Law Hawk style. Bryan Wilson TEXAS LAW HAWK by e-mob With his talons of justice extended, the Law Hawk will protect you from getting arrested in a dinosaur costume by a shadowy, smoking police officer. His other interests include smashing tree branches, kicking things …

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‘Kingdom:’ Drugs, Blood, And A Jonas Brother As An MMA Fighter

Andy Haugen Critic 2 Comments

Why is this here? Because surely you care about blood, guts, hookers that might have a heart of gold, and the Jonas Brothers. I generally cringe at the thought of sports themed television shows. My unhealthy relationship to sports as an athlete and fan make me hyper-critical of anything and everything sports, whether in real time or make believe. It’s …

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Why the Legal Profession Should Be More Like Hockey

Bitter Editor General, Lawyer 2 Comments

Last night I was watching an NHL game. When one team scored a goal thousands of cheering fans roared as 5 grown men ecstatically hugged each other. While I was thrilled my team had scored, I was a bit jealous. Really, these guys are professionals; I’m a professional, too damnit! So, why didn’t anyone cheer when I won that motion …

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Smoke Gets In Your Briefs

Lisa Needham Featured Lawyer, Lawyer, News & Views 1 Comment

Let’s say you have a colleague who is a bit of a heavy smoker, and said friend likes to work on her cases into the wee hours, chain-smoking Camel straights all the while. And let’s say you’re the sensitive type, so when you get the case files back, you think “sweet Jesus, did she light her brief on fire? Did …

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It’s like the Academy Awards, But Better: The Nobel Prize

Bitter SciTech SciTech Leave a Comment

  The Nobel Prize in Physics has been announced. This year the winners are…drum roll, please…Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura for their invention of blue LEDs – light emitting diodes. #456785414 / Given that last year’s prize was won by the theoretical work done by Peter Higgs and François Englert on the Higgs boson particle, it is perhaps …

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Shadow Of Mordor: Orc Murder Simulator 2014

Ian Boudreau Critic Leave a Comment

Why are we talking about video games? (1) Because we can. (2) Because we’re building our Bitter Empire one murderous brick at a time. (3) Because maybe you need some extreme slayage opportunities in your leisure time/fantasy life. There’s a point early on in the old Rankin-Bass animated version of The Hobbit where Gandalf is trying to recruit the titular …

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5 Ridiculous Law Firm Commercials

Bitter Staff Bitter by Numbers, Columns, Lawyer 1 Comment

When looking for a lawyer to represent you, what do you look for? 1. If you answered: a white middle-aged rapper, with chauvinistic overtones, then this guy is for you. 2. Or perhaps you really need a singing squirrel to feel like you’re adequately represented? Well, we found one of those, too. 3. No! You need a lawyer who identifies with Tom Cruise …

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