10 Things Never To Say To Your Law School Prof

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1. Sorry, I got high/drunk/laid last night is not a valid excuse for missing class 2. “Because I got high/drunk/laid last night, I missed class. I can’t make it to any of your office hours, so could you come in on the weekend and tell me everything I missed in class?” 3. “My other grandmother died.” It’s been a rough …

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Life Lesson: Do Not Call A 1L A Porn Star On Your Morning Radio Show

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You know those morning shows, right? The ones you listen to on the way into the office because one of the senior partners thinks it is high-larious, so you need to be up on Donnie the D-Bag or Angie the Asshole or whoever hosts your local morning drive time slice of hell. Perhaps your burden of listening to that dreck …

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Scorpion: Like ‘The Practice’ for the Tech Industry, But Dumber

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Why is this here, you’re asking? What in your bitter lawyer life has led you to read about a tv show that involves an elite hacker team outrunning planes in a Ferrari? First, because we’re rolling out our bitter empire, and tv, bitter and otherwise, will be a big part of our empire once our death star is fully operational. …

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Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony Is The Legal Profession’s Dionne Warwick, Apparently

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Feeling a little tense in your personal or professional life? Law cases just not breaking your way? You’ve started bringing a flask to the office just to deal with having to talk to the senior partner? At home, the kids have become disobedient little monsters who only stare at television white noise all day à la Poltergeist? Forget a CLE or …

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