Bully Porn Addict Sues Apple

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Don’t get me wrong, I generally applaud anyone suing Apple. I think they are pushing intellectual property law to the point where it limits healthy competition and will eventually destroy America’s competitive edge. (And, hey, republicans if you are looking to get more youth in your ranks, this might be a good issue for you. You are supposed to support …

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Plaintiff: Weird Old Tip to Lose Belly Fat Made Me Fatter

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James Macungie recently filed a lawsuit against Google. Mr. Macungie alleges that their contextual ad, promising one weird old tip to lose belly fat, did not work as advertised. The tip, according to documents filed in the Norther District of South Dakota, was to drink two glasses of water before every meal. After years of having what doctors called “an …

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Bitter Brief 18: Glitter Bombing, Fugly Rights, and the Mother of All Lawsuits

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[powerpress] This week on The Bitter Brief, Kimber and Mark wax philosophical on South Korean labor contracts and take ridiculous plaintiffs to task in the mother of all lawsuits. We debate the legality of some fabulous protest, and our discussion on employment discrimination gets ugly. Click here to subscribe to The Bitter Brief on iTunes!

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