Bitter Style, Recessionista Fashion

Bitter Staff Columns, Lawyer

Even if we’re not exactly poor right now, we’re all acting that way.  If we’re not crabbing about the sad state of the legal profession, we’re bitching about the cost of living.  But, like rust, the demand to look presentable in a business environment never sleeps.  Whether it’s the day-to-day of associate life or the big interview, threads matter. Loehmann’s …

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Bitter Review of The Informant!

Todd Gilchrist Columns, Lawyer 4 Comments

If any further proof was needed that the concept of corporate integrity is only marginally different than malfeasance, then The Informant! provides it and then some. Based on the true story of a whistleblower who gets too consumed with lying to recognize the truth himself, director Steven Soderbergh’s latest turns anti-capitalist fare into commercial entertainment, crafting a studio charmer cut …

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OCI Hiring Partners Tell All: Part 1

Bitter Staff Columns, Lawyer 24 Comments

The OCI season is in full swing. And while we totally understand that all schools are at different points in the process (first rounds, callbacks, etc.), everyone is freaked out about interviewing well enough to receive a job offer. An offer to actually work as a lawyer and not a paralegal or building contractor. What’s standing between every law students and a …

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