Hollywood Paws: Almost Famous

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Hollywood was shaken to its core yesterday when, after two years of protracted litigation, a judge finally ruled that “Hollywood Paws,” an animal training academy and agency that “provides the tools and knowledge necessary to help animal actors and studio trainers become working professionals in the animal acting industry,” wasn’t to blame for the fact that its clients haven’t quite …

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Marc Korman, Partner, Endeavor Talent Agency

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Title and Employer? Partner, Endeavor Talent Agency. Okay, but what do you really do? I represent writers and directors. My primary responsibility is to find them interesting creative and financial opportunities in television and film. Law school, class rank? Chicago–Kent College of Law. Top 10%. What firms did you work at? Cook County Public Defender. Pat Boyle and Associates. And …

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I Want to be a Hollywood Agent

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QI’m a second year at a well known Chicago firm.  I’m looking to move to LA and break into Hollywood.  Maybe get a job as an agent?  Any advice? AYeah. Don’t do it. Unless, of course, you really want it.  I mean, really, really want it. Hollywood’s no joke. It’s an insular, hyper-competitive, random business overflowing with narcissists and pettiness. It’s cliché, I …

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