I Need a Legal Writing Sample for a Law Firm Job

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Q) This is probably a first-year level question, but I was looking for advice on how to select proper legal writing samples to use when applying for jobs. I am four years out of law school and have accumulated a decent collection of memorandum and demand letters over the years at my current firm and was wondering what kind of documents …

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OCI Hiring Partners Tell All: Part 1

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The OCI season is in full swing. And while we totally understand that all schools are at different points in the process (first rounds, callbacks, etc.), everyone is freaked out about interviewing well enough to receive a job offer. An offer to actually work as a lawyer and not a paralegal or building contractor. What’s standing between every law students and a …

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Nine Interview Don’ts

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Nine Interview Don’ts: 1.  Don’t write stupid, trivial things under the “Personal” section of your resume Nobody cares if you’re a Woody Allen fanatic, bake a mean kiwi-lemon pie or “love to travel.” Save this section for real things only.  Stuff like “Speak Cantonese fluently;” “Varsity golf, Vanderbilt University;” or “Published various political essays in The New Yorker, 2004—present.” In …

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