Six ShitLaw Job Terms You Find On Craigslist

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How bad is the job market for lawyers? Statistically speaking, it’s pretty bad.  Recently, the National Law Journal reported that the number of lawyers working at the top 250 law firms dropped by 5,259 in 2009—an amazing realization when you consider we still have a month and a half to go. As Leigh Jones summed it up, “It’s as if …

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Ten Things to Love About Being a Lawyer

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There are so many scintillating aspects to practicing law these days that it’s almost impossible to narrow the list.  It’s like trying to compile a list of supermodels who you’d have sex with.  Anyway, here are the ten things I love most about being lawyer: 1.  WORKING WITH OTHER LAWYERS Whether they’re colleagues or opponents, I’m blessed with the constant …

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The weird thing about temping is that you never see the sonuvabitch partner who hired you. He’s always the same man, even if he’s a woman. And he always wants to know the same thing—”What’s your deal?” Are you a degenerate alcoholic? Are you bucking for a BigLaw job? Are you crazy? Are you hopeless? Are you forever doomed to …

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