I’m Sickened By the Idea of Practicing Law and Want to be an Actor Instead

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QI’m a 3L at a top 20 law school. I have a job lined up at a mid-size litigation firm in San Francisco. But I hate the law. The idea of working in a structured office environment makes me sick to my stomach. I know this sounds lame, but I want to be an actor. This will sound even lamer, but I’m actually considered …

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Nine Interview Don’ts

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Nine Interview Don’ts: 1.  Don’t write stupid, trivial things under the “Personal” section of your resume Nobody cares if you’re a Woody Allen fanatic, bake a mean kiwi-lemon pie or “love to travel.” Save this section for real things only.  Stuff like “Speak Cantonese fluently;” “Varsity golf, Vanderbilt University;” or “Published various political essays in The New Yorker, 2004—present.” In …

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I Want to be a Sports Agent

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I’m thinking of going into the sports and entertainment industry with a friend of mine from law school. We have several contacts in both industries and several prospective clients including an MLB baseball player, an NFL football player, current and former Division 1 NCAA athletes, as well as aspiring actors, models, movie producers, etc. The problem is that I don’t …

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I’m Debating Litigation Vs. Transactional

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I know the initial answer will be “whatever you want” or “whatever you’re good at” or “whatever your personality traits fit, etc.” But overall, what’s better for a person’s career/career options, big firm transactional or big firm litigation?  And what type of transactional, etc. is better to go into?  Thank you. Great question.  And my answer is definitely not “whatever …

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I Want to be a Hollywood Agent

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QI’m a second year at a well known Chicago firm.  I’m looking to move to LA and break into Hollywood.  Maybe get a job as an agent?  Any advice? AYeah. Don’t do it. Unless, of course, you really want it.  I mean, really, really want it. Hollywood’s no joke. It’s an insular, hyper-competitive, random business overflowing with narcissists and pettiness. It’s cliché, I …

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