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William Shakespeare: Stoner

Joline Zepcevski SciTech 1 Comment

Hah! Suck it, Mrs. Little. And all other English teachers who droned on about how profound Shakespeare was. You know how you can tell that Shakespeare was high as a kite? A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Don’t tell me that play isn’t at least as fucked up as the Smurfs. Mustardseed. Hurrumph. It’s today’s equivalent of naming a fairy “Allspice”. Fine, …

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Hobby Lobby: Doing God’s Work For Swingers And Stoners

Stefan BC Lawyer Leave a Comment

Sane people across the country were righteously pissed when Justice Alito enthusiastically used Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius to toss a steaming turd of a majority opinion into the calm pool of free exercise precedent. That case saw the legal recognition of a corporation’s right to freely exercise sincerely held religious beliefs (such as Hobby Lobby’s sanctified tax evasion). The broad, …

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