So Long and Thanks From All The Fish: The Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Special

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There was a time when the aggressive badness, terrible messages about women’s bodies, and general free-floating unhingedness of the hour-long ads from Victoria’s Secret used to pummel my soul. But I am a veteran of two Underwear One Cannot Wear specials now, and I believe I have developed a bit of a protective skin. So here, as I prepare to …

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Your Monday Hollywood Gossip One-Sheet

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Talyor Swift threw herself a star-studded 25th birthday party. [Perez Hilton] Lindsay Lohan and Duran Duran in the studio together? [Daily Mail] Maroon 5: wedding crashers. [Huffington Post] Miley Cyrus was hospitalized with wrist injury, posts graphic pics of it. [TMZ] Madonna is blaming fans for leaking her photos. [Idolator] Drew Barrymore showed off her two adorable daughters at Jessica …

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