A Beginner’s Guide To Board Games That Don’t Suck

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So there you are, in the Target game aisle, and you see one of those games you’ve heard about from friends: Settlers of Catan. It comes in a sturdy-looking box that’s taller and has a smaller footprint than your Monopoly board, and when you pick it up for a closer look you realize it’s a forty dollar game. What gives? …

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Gamer Girl

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My older daughter Molly’s love affair with Monopoly started when she was seven. I blame the fact that we had two strategy books about Monopoly in the house. The fun part of Monopoly is the wheeling and dealing, trying to construct a trade that will be sufficiently beneficial to the other person that they’ll actually go for it. The un-fun …

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"Bar-ly" Defensible

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It always amazes me that the field of Antitrust has any practicing lawyers in it at all.  Not because it’s a particularly complicated field, nor because it’s particularly unexciting since, in practice, the field is substantially less complicated than Administrative Law, and, as Microsoft in the ’90s and Apple more recently have shown, there’s plenty of exciting cases dealing with …

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