Live-Blogging The Dead

Sarah Turner Endings Leave a Comment

I recently started live-blogging bad movies for Bitter Critic, and it’s been a mostly positive experience. Actually, it’s kind of a dream come true, because I grew up watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 and wishing I were on the show. This past year for Halloween I even went as the show, making Tom Servo and Crow out of smaller versions …

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Cinéma Atroce: Dredd

Bomb Voyage Critic, Live Blog Leave a Comment

Okay, Dredd is not a _bad_ movie. More like badass. It just doesn’t get much respect. Showtime is coming up soon: 9:30pm Central. Make yourself a cocktail, find yourself a comfy spot on the couch, and tune in to the liveblog starting at 9:30. Jump right down to the liveblog. Tonight’s Movie In a catastrophic future, the remaining population is …

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Your 2014 Year-End Movie Roundup!

Erik Schlittner Critic 1 Comment

Yee-ha! Let’s round ‘em up! It’s the end of 2014, and this year’s movie trend was…well, the emerging style was…hmmm. Okay, let’s face it: a bunch of movies came out, some good, some bad, some indifferent. Here they are, in handy listicle format: The Good: Under the Skin – Creepy sci-fi/horror by director Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast, Radiohead’s “Karma Police” …

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On the Set of Lathamed: The Movie

Bitter Staff Columns, Lawyer 16 Comments

Law firm layoffs will be moving from pink slips to the silver screen in the upcoming film Lathamed. The film tells the story of the gutting of the big law dreams, or as the studio has described the movie, “It’s like Titanic, but with fewer survivors.” “Michael Bay was an easy choice for director,” we were told by the film’s producer. “I …

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