The Legal Weed Debate You Have Been Waiting For: Nancy Grace Versus 2Chainz

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This is probably an obvious statement to make, but if Nancy Grace is the best person that marijuana prohibitionists have to represent their side, they might as well give up now and save their money for a more worthwhile puritanical cause. The former terrible prosecutor and present terrible TV screaming head couldn’t even hold her own against 2Chainz (the guy …

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Five Ways to Say Grace

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What’s Thanksgiving without a little grace? Nancy Grace, that is. We thought about telling you what we were thankful for this year, but that just isn’t very bitter. So, instead we decided to share our favorite clips from America’s top cable news lawyer—Nancy Grace. 1. Who is Nancy Grace? This lawyer turned cable news pundit lost on “Jeopardy!” to Regis Philbin …

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