The Secret To Success? Pretending You Work Much More Than You Do

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All through law school, law students live in this fantasy world that is half-nightmare, half-dream. You know the one. It’s the one where you pull 80-hour weeks for six years running until the gods descend from Mount Olympus and bestow a partnership on you. We’re all pretty sure that we can tough out those 80-hour weeks, and not only because …

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CC This, Bitch!

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To: The World From: Bitter 5th Year Cc: Nerdy Litigation Partner Two weeks ago, a nerdy litigation partner asked me to work on a private equity investment for one of his clients.  Simple enough, right?  I’m a fifth-year associate and regarded as a competent transactional attorney.  I’m not the class rock star, but I’ve been told I’m “very much in …

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