Oregon Death Row Inmate Gets Reprieve, Tries to Have it Overturned

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Governor John Kitzhaber granted a reprieve to all of the prisoners on Oregon’s death row in November 2011. While he did not commute the sentences, he stated that he would not allow any more executions to take place while he was in office because he feels the death penalty is morally wrong. Of course, this was met with some resistance, …

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Date Goes Wrong When Woman Robbed

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We all have a story about an awkward first date, but a recent news report out of Wildomar, California cerainly trumps  running out of things to talk about at a coffee shop. According to KESQ in California Terry Michael Fine took a woman out on a date and then things got weird.  Although the report does not discuss specifics of the …

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Man Flees from Police: Runs Into Police Station (We can't all be winners)

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Fox 2 Now in St. Louis gave us this gem of a story. Police pulled over Joseph Meacham in Clayton, Missouri when he ran a red light. Meacham was not going to give up easily, or so he thought. Once police pulled Meacham over, the suspect jumped out of his vehicle and started running away, apparently looking for a place …

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American Idol Causes More Than Just Your Ears To Bleed

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WPMT FOX43 of Central Pennsylvania reports that a Pennsylvania couple “stabbed one another during an argument over which contestant deserved to win ‘American Idol.’” Both Gregory Stambaugh, 57, and Karen Elaine Harrelson, 48 were being held at the fabulous York County Prison at the time the article was written. Apparently they were intoxicated at the time. How else could they …

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