A Beginner’s Guide To Good Video Game Sex

Ian Boudreau Critic Leave a Comment

When it comes to portrayals of sex – and I mean the act itself rather than the physiology – video games have historically ranged from “embarrassing” to “incredibly embarrassing.” It’s a stereotype that has not been unearned. But there have been a few games in recent years that have refreshingly bucked the trend, with depictions of sex that are at least …

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Sexing A Dinosaur

Joline Zepcevski SciTech Leave a Comment

ZOMG. Get your mind out of the gutter. We would never write about dinosaur sexxxytime. We are not that kind of blog. Well, except that one time. At band camp. No. What we are talking about is exciting news in the field of paleontology: finally, scientists believe they can accurately differentiate between male and female dinosaurs.1 Oh what, you thought …

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New York's Hot Dog Hooker Caught: Montreal's Poutine with Poontang Dealer Still At Large

Bitter Newsroom Lawyer, Really Real News Leave a Comment

Dirty New York hot dogs just got a bit dirtier. According to CNN, Catherina G. Scalia (relationship unknown) was arrested for selling old fashioned hot dogs with a complementary ol’ fashioned. According to the article, an undercover police officer called Ms. Scalia to a local motel. There Ms. Scalia performed an unlicensed massage, and offered to perform some sex act …

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