Today In “Why Can’t Ladies Just Accept Their Place As Lazy Grifters”

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Let us bring you the cheerful tidings of not one, but TWO heroic instances of putting grifter lady-people in their places by scolding them like the children they are.  It turns out their right to vote, their liberation from the bonds of laundry and yea, even their nominal acceptance as “scientists” are entirely, completely and only at the pleasure of …

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Bitter Brief 11: Sexism, Parenting, and Clarence Thomas Bobbleheads

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[powerpress] In this week’s installment of the Bitter Brief, our perennial punching bag, Mr. Law School, gives us networking “advice” with which we, naturally, take issue. We take umbrage at the sexist undertones of Law Firm 10’s latest musings on marriage and parenting and Matthew Richardson’s equating the declining value of mid-level associates with the declining hotness of women. And, on the lighter side, Clarence …

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