I Want to be a Sports Agent

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I’m thinking of going into the sports and entertainment industry with a friend of mine from law school. We have several contacts in both industries and several prospective clients including an MLB baseball player, an NFL football player, current and former Division 1 NCAA athletes, as well as aspiring actors, models, movie producers, etc. The problem is that I don’t …

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I Want to Practice Sports Law

Ex-Bitter Columns, Lawyer 1 Comment

I’m a second year law student looking to get into sports law.  Any thoughts? First off, it’s not really a type of law.  Sounds cool, I know.  “Sports Law.” In fact, I wanted to get into it too.  Until I realized it didn’t really exist.  It’s like wanting to get into Santa Claus law.  It’s not real.  Unfortunately.  God doesn’t …

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