Erin Andrews, Esq.

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Why is it that female lawyers feel the need to dress like asexual, feminist monks?  Seriously, what are we so afraid of, ladies?  Having men think we’re actually women? Erin Andrews (and the masturbatory outbursts she provokes in 8.5 out of 10 heterosexual male sports fans) is perhaps the best example of the unique power a (reasonably) stylish, non-overweight, attractive …

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I Want to Practice Sports Law

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I’m a second year law student looking to get into sports law.  Any thoughts? First off, it’s not really a type of law.  Sounds cool, I know.  “Sports Law.” In fact, I wanted to get into it too.  Until I realized it didn’t really exist.  It’s like wanting to get into Santa Claus law.  It’s not real.  Unfortunately.  God doesn’t …

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