Representing Incredibly Rich People Must Be So Weird. Lucrative, But Weird.

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From Jonathan Turley comes the story of how the other half — we mean the other one percent — lives. Apparently, it involves a lot of squabbling. Attorney Richard Fields his estranged wife Ekaterina […] [have] been in an intense battle of who gets a $100,000 baby grand piano in the couple’s former New York apartment. Neither is actually a pianist …

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Use Social Networks to Balance Out Your Law School Debt

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If you are not one of the lucky ones to get into a public law school and are forced to go to a private law school, you will probably be paying an exorbitant amount of money in tuition. Some law schools are as high as $45,000 per year. To balance out the $45,000 tuition, start using social networking. Many restaurants, …

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