Coma Patients Can Actually Hear You

Gina Hagler SciTech 2 Comments

People have long debated whether or not loved ones in a coma could hear them when they spoke to them. They’ve also wondered if what they said or the way it was said might make a difference in the recovery time of that loved one. Turns out the answer to both questions is a resounding “YES!” A study by Northwestern …

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You Probably Smell Bad To People That Disagree With You Politically

Naomi Kritzer SciTech Leave a Comment

According to a study in the October 2014 American Journal of Political Science, people are more likely to be attracted to the body odor of individuals who are politically like-minded. (“Assortative Mating on Ideology Could Operate Through Olfactory Cues.”) Determining this involved recruiting 146 people from a “large city in the northeast United States,” sorting them ideologically, taping gauze pads …

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