Yet Another Reason to Avoid Sorority Girls

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Federal authorities investigating the recent suicide of Bruce Ivins, the former Army scientist thought to be responsible for several deaths related to anthrax poisonings in the weeks following 9/11, have discovered a particular and decades-long obsession of Ivins, which may shed some light on the pending investigation. The apparent object of the mad scientist’s intense obsession? The inner lives of …

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The One Time You’d Like to Be Confused with Your Twin

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Reports are circulating throughout the media that mogul-waif Mary-Kate Olsen has demanded a promise of prosecutorial immunity from federal investigators before answering their questions about how Heath Ledger may have procured two intense painkillers that contributed to his accidental overdose death earlier this year. Investigators with the DEA have confirmed the sources for “all the drugs Ledger ingested, except for …

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