Offensive Emails: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Nominee Edition

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Pennsylvania’s legal community has an email problem. First it was the pornographic emails being swapped between the Attorney General’s Office and other state offices. Then it turned out some of the more offensive files came from none other than a sitting Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice, one Seamus McCaffery, since retired. So you would think that if you were called into …

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Color Us Surprised: Scalia Is The Most Sarcastic Supreme Court Justice

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Oh, Antonin Scalia. Love or hate him, he is the most entertaining Supreme Court justice to read, in large part because the man never met a fight he didn’t like. He writes everything like he is leading with that big angry chin of his. His cranky dissents are legendary even when you don’t actually remember what the hell the case …

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Bitter News, 10-5-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that will need the next 60 days to break a Gourmet habit: • Here’s a lead story that includes ‘sodomy’ but not ‘Polanski.’ Whore-ay!  “[Herman] Thomas, former Alabama Circuit Court judge, stands accused of sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse, extortion, assault and ethics violations.” His begins trial today, with jury selection already underway.  Formerly most often …

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