CC This, Bitch!

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To: The World From: Bitter 5th Year Cc: Nerdy Litigation Partner Two weeks ago, a nerdy litigation partner asked me to work on a private equity investment for one of his clients.  Simple enough, right?  I’m a fifth-year associate and regarded as a competent transactional attorney.  I’m not the class rock star, but I’ve been told I’m “very much in …

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I’m Planning to Be a Transactional Lawyer

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QI am a 1L at a top-20 law school. I foresee wanting to transition out of law, so I am preparing to be a transactional lawyer. Even though my school is decent (in that all of the elite firms like Cravath, Skadden, etc. come here for OCIs), it is not the traditional feeder for Goldman, or McKinsey. Coming from a school like this, …

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