‘Kingdom:’ Drugs, Blood, And A Jonas Brother As An MMA Fighter

Andy Haugen Critic

I generally cringe at the thought of sports themed television shows. My unhealthy relationship to sports as an athlete and fan make me hyper-critical of anything and everything sports, whether in real time or make believe. It’s the reason that I didn’t even start to binge watch Friday Night Lights until 8 months after the series finale aired. With that …

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Nick Thompson: Toughest Law Student Ever

Bitter Newsroom Lawyer, News & Views

In the past few weeks, recent law grad Nick Thompson has “eaten ‘chicken, brown rice and spinach to the point of nausea,’…doesn’t see his friends, rarely spends time with his family and never goes out on weekends.” In other words, he’s no different than most students prepping for bar exams taking place around the country this week.  Except for one …

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