Zealous Advocacy: Five Types of Advocates and How it Can all go Terribly Wrong

M Walter Columns, Lawyer 1 Comment

I can hear my law professor screaming about that title right now. She hated the term ‘zealous advocacy.’ As an attorney in training, I only had some very vague idea of why ‘zealous advocacy’ might not be the best possible term. The preamble to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (MPR) does mention zealous advocacy. However, the rules themselves only …

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The Declining Value of a Midlevel Associate

Matthew Richardson Columns, Lawyer 17 Comments

As a mediocre midlevel at a top law firm, I haven’t really considered plans for my “future.” I always sort of let the tide take me to this place of bitterness. However, many of my friends are starting to make “plans.” Actually, it seems like most of them have already mapped out their lives. Of my closest 4 friends from …

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