Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Cryingtown

Matthew Richardson Columns, Lawyer 38 Comments

As much as I love being around women (and we know that’s A LOT), proximity to them within the confines of a law firm is a completely different story. All of my least favorite experiences as a lawyer come from dealing with women. Trumping the misery of working under an insecure, passive-aggressive coozebag of a Law Review editor as a 3L, my …

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That Partner Voodoo That I Do

Matthew Richardson Columns, Lawyer 22 Comments

Dear Partners, I have a small request: Please stop driving associates crazy.  Why?  Because if you do, then we’ll all stop wishing death and harm on you and be more productive employees. At 6:30 PM last Tuesday, fed up with my gut expanding from Friday margarita benders and sedentary bouts induced by thin attempts to ramp up my billables, I …

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Who’s the Man?

Matthew Richardson Columns, Lawyer 18 Comments

The idea a Big Firm is “one big family” is merely bulls#!t used to con Summers into selling their souls to our particular brand of sweatshop.  To actually catch up with someone in a department other than “corporate stooges,” I have to plan time to get together off the clock and then figure out a way to expense it.  Last …

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