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M Reyes Critic

Sia really doesn’t want to be famous. [Billboard] Shirley Manson responds to Kanye’s Grammy diss of Beck, calls him “a complete twat.” [Huffington Post] Paul Stanley thinks Beck should’ve kicked Kanye in the nuts. [Blabbermouth] Emile Hirsch checks into rehab after being charged with aggravated assault for putting female exec in a headlock. [ABC News] Tom Cruise dines with his …

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Valentine's Day Bitter Vault: Top ♥ Posts

Bitter Vault Best of Bitter Lawyer, Lawyer

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. The problem for lawyers, however, is that the vast majority of us are . . . well, lawyers. And that means we are cold, analytical, robotic, zombies. So, Bitter Lawyer is here to assist. Here are our top three Valentine’s Day posts. In fact, these are the only Valentine’s Day posts …

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