Thinspo, Houseporn, And The Tyranny Of Unrealistic Expectations

Naomi Kritzer Endings 3 Comments

Close your eyes and visualize with me the house you’ve seen pictured a million times in your Facebook feed. The upholstered furniture is immaculately white, possibly with a few boldly contrasting throw pillows, artfully arranged. The floor is beautiful, freshly polished hardwood, or maybe there’s a shaggy white rug under the coffee table which of course has nothing on it. …

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You Will Probably Fail At This New Year’s Resolution

Jennifer Richler SciTech Leave a Comment

If you’re like 44% of Americans, you’ve probably made a New Year’s resolution for 2015. Chances are, you want to lose weight, the most popular resolution of them all. You’re an eminently sensible person, so you’ve decided to lose weight gradually, because you’ve heard the experts say this is the best way to keep the weight off. Well, it turns …

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