On Social Media Culture and the Hellscape of Writing in the Era of New Media

Kaleb Horton Endings 4 Comments

Imagine being hit by a very slow-moving bus. You see it coming. You have time to prepare. There are certain poses you can assume, angles to mitigate the damage, but you don’t quite escape. You still get hit by the bus. Now imagine doing this professionally. Every morning, you go out in that crosswalk and you get hit by that …

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Lawyers, Don’t Do This: SCOTUS Pile Of Words Edition

Bitter Lawyer Lawyer 3 Comments

Back in December, everyone was all a-twitter when SCOTUS threatened to sanction a lawyer, which basically never happens. It probably should happen more, but you know what a big softie Scalia can be. In the grand tradition of uninformative Supreme Court orders since the beginning of time, the order didn’t really make clear what it was about. Howard Neil Shipley, …

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