Thank God Christian Bale Wasn’t There, Too

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Evidently confusing themselves with actual celebrities, Nikki Blonsky, one of the stars of the Hairspray movie, and Bianca Golden, one of the rejects from America’s Next Top Model, have been arrested for sparking a diva-wannabe brawl in a Caribbean airport late last week.

The brawl apparently started after the Blonsky family “commandeered several seats in the tiny airport departure lounge just for their luggage, and only reluctantly put some of the bags on the floor when one of Golden’s male relatives, who was holding a child, asked to sit,” according to a witness. Apparently “peeved that their luggage had to be placed on the floor,” the Blonksy family allegedly started spouting racial slurs, and when Golden’s mother tried to diffuse the situation, “a big man” believed to be Blonksy’s dad “began punching her in the head.”

Although the extent of Blonsky’s and Golden’s involvement in the brawl remains unclear, witnesses claim that Golden at one point “told Nikki to shut her mouth,” at which point Blonsky “allegedly tried to rip Golden’s earring off.” Both women have been charged with “actual bodily harm” by the local authorities.

Representatives for the two fallen not-quite-stars have not commented on the effect this publicity will have on the girls’ careers, although sources close to Blonsky have unofficially confirmed that while she is thrilled to no longer be known only as the fat girl from Hairspray, she is less thrilled to now be known as the fat girl from Hairspray whose racist dad punched a lady in the head. Sources report that Golden is also concerned that she will now be known as…well, actually, no, she’s safe. No one still has any idea who the hell she is.  [NY Post]

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