The A&E Diet

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When the law chicks and dudes study the only thing that matters is concentration. They need to sit for 12 hour periods and stare at the pages pf contracts, property, or Wills and Trusts. Eating food does not help with this at all. So the law chicks and dudes turn to what I like to call the A&E diet. Sure they may now be able to concentrate but they certainly are not sane. Check out the A&E diet on this week’s episode of Mr. Law School with Sam E. Goldberg.

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  • Guano Dubango

    This guy is cool. He seems to understand how to get law chicks. My only questions are:

    – “Does he get law chicks?” and if so,
    –“What are the quality of these law chicks?” and if of suitable (hot) quality,
    –“Do these hot law chicks provide gratification to him and visa versa?” and if so,
    — “Are these hot law chicks fertile”, and if so
    “Are any of these hot law chicks interested in marrying an employed lawyer (me) and returning with me to my homeland to meet my Aunt Ooona (all expenses paid)?” and if so
    –“Please to provide picture and bio”.

    • Verna

      I would not want to have to go through this analysis just for the privilege of being able to be brought home for inspection to your Aunt Ooona.

      Unless you can guarantee the women an inflation protected life annuity of at least $300K/year, it probably is not worth it to have to have sex with you. Am I right, ladies?