The Breakup Battle

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Everybody wants to win the breakup. Whether that means you hit the gym after getting dumped to drop a few pounds in an effort to become more attractive or simply dating the extremely good looking (albeit dumb as a box of rock and unable to hold a single full conversation) coworker just to create some jealousy, we all want to win the break up. Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu, meet Jennifer Fitzgerald. She lost the breakup battle. Jennifer is facing over $100,000 in parking ticket fines after her ex-boyfriend bought a used car for $600, registered it in her name without her knowledge, and parked it at O’Hare International Airport in 2008. Three years later, the car has received 687 parking lot tickets, equaling a fine of $105,761.81. Damn.

That is the biggest power move in the history of relationships. Passive-aggressive revenge FTW by Ms. Fitzgerald’s ex. No matter the outcome it is going to be a pain in the ass for her. Either you casually have 105 grand lying around and pay off the tickets or you have to try to go through court on 687 parking tickets to clear up the mess. Not to mention the battle that Fitzgerald has already faced.

When she first found out about the tickets, she tried to move the car but didn’t have the keys. Chicago Police Department could not move the car, although requested by Fitzgerald, because they did not have access to the airport lot. She then asked the Illinois Secretary of State to revoke the license plates but the car still received tickets. The city still issued her tickets after she transferred the registration and title to her ex-boyfriend at the advice of a judge. The car was finally towed to an impound lot in late-October and Fitzgerald has since lost her license as a result of the tickets.

Fitzgerald is now suing her ex-boyfriend, the city and United Airlines — who she claims should have towed the car after 30 days as required under Chicago law.

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  • Jerry

    Poor beeotch. If the dude was getting it regularly, he probably wouldnt have screwed this broad over like he did. It is a shame to think a woman has to take it up the poop chute to avoid getting it up the ass from a guy who is resentful when the music stops. This woman got the shaft.

  • Nancy Zalusky Berg

    This is an example of financial abuse. No doubt the boyfriend had tried to control her and failing that decided to punish her. She was wise to have get away from him as soon as she did – the costs could have been much greater.