Alan Hesketh: The Brits Can Have Him

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One of our readers has just tipped us off to the story of Alan Hesketh, a British patent attorney and certified perv living in Connecticut who, until recently, served as Pfizer’s global patent director—and who pleaded guilty earlier this week to possessing and distributing more than 1,000 images of child porn. An investigation by federal authorities determined that Hesketh apparently carried a portable hard drive with him loaded with thousands of pornographic images that he traded during hotel stays on business trips and at home. Additionally, federal agents determined that Hesketh accessed the Internet for his porn-related activities at home, at his Pfizer office and, in a particular stroke of genius, at a hotel at the United Nations.

Hesketh has yet to be sentenced, although the district judge hearing the case has advised Hesketh, a British citizen, that regardless of the length of his prison sentence, he also faces the “probability of deportation” once it ends. At which point he’ll presumably spend the rest of his days back home in England cursing the fact that Pfizer doesn’t make a pill for pedophilia. [ConnPost]

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