The Championship Game

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The end of college football is near. Last week we found out the sentencing for the LSU/Alabama teabagger. That guy got TWO YEARS in prison. Two Years! Crazy. Anyways, some fans just cannot contain their support for their team. Take Jana Lawrence, for example. The 46-year-old was celebrating her recent release from prison by watching the SEC championship game. I normally watch my football with a pitcher of beer and some chicken wings—Lawrence chose a different route.

Lawrence started her night out at El Jinete and casually yelled, used profanities, exposed her breast and licked one of the female customers. Eventually she left the bar and walked next door to Friends, another bar. The manager of Friends told police that Lawrence sat at the bar while exposing her buttocks, eventually pulling her pants all the way down, and again started to lick other customers.

Really not much to say about Jana Lawrence. The South + College Football + Booze + Recently Released from Jail = an ex-con flashing boob and butts all over Gwinnett County 100% of the time. That is about as simple as it comes in the logic game world. I mean, it’s the championship game. Whether you are pulling your pants down or licking customers—Play Like A Champion Today. Lawrence is probably going to miss the bowl games now considering she has been booked into the jail on charges of sexual battery, simple battery, public indecency and public drunkenness. Luckily she will be red orange jump-shirted and have access to a nice weight facility during the off season.

P.S. I feel like this lady would have been released with no charges if she just said Roll Tide when the cops walked into the bar.

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  • Jerry

    This yurts was teabagging some dude? If you do this, make sure youve got a pretty woman to mouth your family jewels! You can bag her in the stench trench later.