The City of No Lawyerly Love

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If the rest of the nation trends like Philadelphia, it’s going to be rough autumn for mediocre associates and no-offer law students.  According to a Philadelphia Business Journal survey, business is down significantly at several top regional and national firms, and local law students are being reminded “that they are entering the profession during a difficult economic time.”

Last year, the city’s participating firms hired 185 first-year associates, but that number dropped this fall to 182.  Likewise, average salary has barely increased over the last year.

While most firms’ hiring decisions for fall 2008 were made during last year’s initial swell of the nation’s mortgage crisis, some predict that firms recruiting now for 2009 may decide to go with even smaller summer and first-year classes.

One law school director of career planning says she makes students aware of the professional slowdown, but she tries to not fill their heads with “things that are going to create unnecessary anxiety.”

Hm, and how does omitting unnecessary anxiety train people to be good lawyers exactly?  [Philadelphia Business Journal]

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  • Tom

    Wow, 3 fewer offers across an entire metropolitan area. Quite the trend you have on your hands…

  • Anonymous

    It is never a good time for mediocre grads.  Even in good tmes, firms have been selective; as there is an excess of lawyers over jobs.  True, some dolts have been hired, but have not lasted once their lack of skills discovered.  Good looking women have long been able to avoid the same level of scrutiny, for obvious reasons, but there are VERY FEW of such good looking women.