The Dumbest Negotiator

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Does anyone need a new employee to help drive a hard bargain at the negotiating table? Let me introduce you to Jennifer Melissa Herring. The Myrtle Beach woman refused to pull over while, “doing 40 mps with this cop behind [her] with his siren on acting like a moron.”

She further stated, “No, I’m not pulling over because pulling over is voluntary I’m not doing nothing wrong.” Double-negative aside, Herring then stated she would pull over if the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office paid her $300,000. The 15-minute long chase ended when the opportunist reached a dead end. The police did not reward her with $300,000 but Herring had to settle for felony fleeing to avoid arrest, driving while impaired, driving while her license was revoked, careless and reckless driving and driving left of center.

Good thing they added that driving left of center. That one is going to result in hard time. Seriously though, who doesn’t want to be in a high-speed chase. I’m pretty sure that is on everyone bucket list. You just have to try to get the money before hand. Let’s think this through here Herring: Your plan was to start driving, get in a police chase, call and make a demand for $300K in order to pull over, and you figured the police would just hand you a briefcase when you put on your hazards and gently veered onto the shoulder? Rookie mistake. That is simply never going to happen. You have to use your in-car negotiating phone call to request a boat or a plane or something. Plus 300 grand? And what a weird number to pull out of the thin air. I would like to think she really thought about what number she should request: “If I say a million they are going to think I am crazy but I don’t want to low ball it and say 100 grand. Let’s just start with 300 grand that way if they go lower it will still be like 250K.” Bizzaro World, Population Jennifer Herring.

P.S. Herring stated she was a sovereign citizen and couldn’t be affected by what the police wanted to do. Has any of my fellow barristers out there come across one of these sovereign citizens as an opposing counsel? Probably the most frustrating thing of all time. Total disregard for logic in that population.

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  • quadoz

    Yes! It is the Moor way. Modern day black Americans who claim to be of Moorish decent. They believe that they are a completely sovereign entity upon themselves and that the United States is a giant corporation…which is true actually. They base their theory around ‘phantom money’ called other things too, that when you are born and you have a birth certificate you are classified as cattle, and the Federal reserve puts a dollar value on your worth as cattle. They then think that this account that everyone has is accessible through proper surfing of the UCC. This acct has millions of dollars in it. It’s value is based upon your expected earned income in your life time. They also cling to the notion that after 1932 when the Gold standard was done away with, that all money is just credit.. WHICH IS TRUE. I could get deeper into this but F-it. As a cop i deal with them a lot. They will sign every document in All CAPS because they will claim they are a representative of their sovereign self and can act on the behalf of that entity. Seriously look this stuff up. They do open your eyes to some things… Most of their logic is totally skewed though. Interesting stuff and concepts though.

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    • Louis

      I am not sure what this dude is rambling about, but the only question I look to is whether we can get some quick and easy nookie from women who don’t look like pigs. So far, no soap.