The Ultimate Martini FAQ

Undoubtedly our recent post about how to make a martini turned all of you into Bitter martini-lushes. As such, you probably have a million follow-up questions that, admittedly, we here at Bitter Lawyer aren’t qualified to answer. (Our own Bitter Bartender is nowhere to be found at the moment.) Enter The Martini FAQ.

Good luck. And thanks to the Lawyerist Daring Fireball for this one. And a tip ‘o’ the hat to our parent company Lawyerist for bringing it to our attention. And to the Constitutional Daily for policing the blawgosphere for violations in link sharing etiquette by link whores like us.

  • BL1Y

    Talk about link whoring. The link to the FAQ isn’t a link to the FAQ at all, it’s a link to Lawyerist’s link to the FAQ. And thanks to Lawyerist? Lawyerist didn’t find it, they gave a “via” credit to Daring Fireball.

    Now, Lawyerist’s post might be worth a tip of the hat following a direct link to the FAQ, but for one detail, that Bitter is owned by Lawyerist. So we basically have a post saying “hey, we linked to this somewhere else.”

    • Jerri

      Methinks that whilest this may true be, wiltst thee to believe that this moax hath much too time on his unwashed mitts?