There Goes Tenure, Pervert

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A college professor in Iowa was arrested late last week for allegedly asking to grope the breasts of a female student in exchange for helping her get into law school. The student claims that she and the alleged perv, Arthur Herbert Miller, a political science professor at the University of Iowa, met in his office in early May, where Miller told her that her overall grade was pretty bleak and explained that she “would have to do something for him,” and then “grabbed and sucked on her breast.” In an apparent attempt to destroy any doubts the student may have been harboring about reporting the incident, Miller then sent along an email “congratulating her on getting an ‘A+’” and offering to meet again the following week to “discuss assistance for getting into law school.”

The student filed her complaint shortly thereafter and within one week, three other students filed formal complaints about similar incidents, leading to Miller’s arrest.

Though the outcome of Miller’s case remains uncertain, this much is clear: The pre-law student certainly doesn’t need his help in getting into law school—she’s already figured out on her own that the most “assistance” some D-list pervert professor will ever be able to give you is a decent application essay topic when you go ahead and use our legal system to put the douchebag out of business.  Well done, honey. Hope you get into Yale.  [Iowa Press-Citizen]

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