Christian Bale: There Is Such a Thing As Bad Publicity

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Concerned that the deluge of press praising co-star Heath Ledger’s performance in the record-breaking mega-hit “The Dark Night” was overshadowing his own role in the film, Christian Bale took it upon himself to prove to the world that he can play a deranged criminal just as convincingly as Ledger.  Against the advice of his agent and publicist, Bale allegedly assaulted his mother and sister early last week in a swank London hotel the night before the European premiere of the film.

The British media are reporting that Bale, 34, was arrested this morning for the assault, and a spokesman for the London police has confirmed that “A 34-year-old man attended a central London police station this morning by appointment and was arrested in connection with an allegation of assault.” Investigators have not yet confirmed what, specifically, provoked the assault, but sources close to the case have gone out on a limb and suggested that an actor who convincingly portrayed an American Psycho, willingly dropped to 125 pounds for an indie film no one saw, and almost got his face chopped off by a helicopter during a stunt for his latest flick—and has yet to land any major award noms—might, just might have some unresolved aggression issues at play. [HuffPost]

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