Tim Kennedy: Rutgers Law, Doc Review Dreamer

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Watch the rest of the Bottom Rung, including additional character sketches of the dreamers, gunners, and lifers that make up document review.

Tim’s the guy who always has a get-rich quick scheme. We all know guys like this, they gamble a lot, they want you to go in on buying a bar or a horse with them. They are always hilarious, and rarely successful. Throughout the season, Tim will be the impetus for a lot of bad ideas that get him, Frank, and Dave in hot water with Nicole. He’s an amalgam of a few guys I met in document review that had a lot of crazy ambitions “on the outside,” one of which was representing MMA fighters. One guy had a roster of a few really low level guys, which just cracked me up, the idea of being a lawyer who has this stable of unknown cage fighters that he’s hoping to catch his big break from.

Tim Kennedy is is played by Mike “Cosmo” McCusker, who can be seen on a number of commercials and small roles on TV. He’s a wildcard in real life, so I knew he would have a lot of fun with this role. Look out for this guy in the future. I can easily see him being on the cast of SNL in a few years. Fun Fact: We once went out together after a comedy show and sat in my car memorizing the words to an entire album called “Divorce Songs for Him.” Part of a box set.

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  • Miserable associate

    This guy is hilarious. He reminds me of a guy who knew in high school, I bet he is divorced and hangs out at the OTB.

  • Guano Dubango

    At least this dude has a girlfriend!!!!! I have a good job, but no steady venue to park my wanker!

  • Tyler

    I think you should write this guy out of doc review. He seems to be the complete package actually and probably needs a spinoff.