Time To Get a Research Assistant

Reports out of California have confirmed that a former Catholic priest and San Francisco radio talk show host, Bernie Ward, was sentenced to more than seven years in prison late last week for distributing child pornography after dozens of pornographic images of kids as young as three were found on his home computer. Ward, a father of four, was fired from his nightly radio show when the indictment was made public in December.

Ward’s attorney, Doron Weinberg, has argued for a lower sentence for his client, citing Ward’s “volunteer work” and the “numerous letters of support” he received after pleading guilty. So how, then, you may ask, does such an upstanding servant of the community come to have a computer full of kiddie porn? According to his lawyer, “Ward downloaded the child porn for journalistic research.”

Of course. And we can only assume his book, How to Get Ass-Raped in Prison in 6 Easy Steps, will be hitting the shelves at Barnes & Noble any day now. [CNN]

  • Anonymous

    You have to watch it with sex addicts.  It’s ridiculous to give shit-wipes like this access to minors.  He should take one up the rear from a 350 lb lineman to find out what it’s all about. Then he’ll “sing” a different tune.